Q&A with students and employee over reopening

Daniel Kim

Isabella Wan, Kizuki employee and rising junior

Have you been able to go to work during this pandemic? If so, how do you feel about all the precautions your restaurant has been taking in order to ensure safety? 

So, restaurants opened up again about a month ago for 50% capacity, which means each table is still 6 feet apart, following COVID-19 guidelines. On top of this, we aren’t allowed to seat more than 6 people at one table. Regarding the staff, each person is required to wear a face mask and gloves at all times. We are not allowed to work if we don’t have a face mask on. I think the precautions Kizuki has been taking are very helpful in trying not to spread COVID-19 more.

How do you feel about the pace at which restaurants/businesses are opening?

Honestly, I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to have waited a little longer until businesses opened. However, I think the extra precautions taken make it a lot less dangerous.

How has this pandemic affected the way you work?

This pandemic has kind of restricted my interaction with customers as I try to keep my distance with them for their safety and mine. It also has made me watch my sanitation a lot more at work.

Are there any additional services that your restaurant offers due to the ongoing pandemic?

Kizuki already had an option for takeout through the actual restaurant, Doordash or Grubhub. These services have helped a lot, but there haven’t been any additional services.

What typical services has your restaurant canceled due to the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, menus and utensils would be laid on the tables ready for the customers. However, now we hand them to the customers only after they have been seated to limit contact.


Rohan Mahesh, rising junior

What are some typical services you’ve seen canceled due to the ongoing pandemic?

Some typical services I’ve seen canceled are restaurants not allowing people to dine in and a limited number of people allowed to be in a store, but other than that I think most services have adapted to the current circumstances instead of being canceled.

Do you feel Indiana is reopening at an appropriate pace?

I definitely think the pace could be slowed down, but I also think that it’s necessary for some businesses, despite the dangers, because without (customers) they wouldn’t be able to support their families.

How do you feel about businesses that attract a lot of people, such as a movie theater, reopening?

For businesses that attract a lot of people, I think they should open at a later date, and when they do they need to take extra precautions because they obviously need to when there are a lot of people gathering.

What are some precautions you have been taking when going out?

I’ve been trying to distance myself from people I come across, and I wear a mask appropriately and wash my hands more often.