Q&A with Athletics Director Jim Inskeep on reopening of facilities


Submitted: Jim Inskeep

Athletics Director Jim Inskeep poses for a photo.

Leah Tan

Jim Inskeep – Athletics Director

What are our plans for athletics following the reopening of our facilities on June 30th?

We are starting with opening our highschool activities on July 6th. There have been some guidelines from the IHSAA and IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) that basically breaks everything down into three phases on the reopening of schools. 


Phase One is from July 6th to July 19th; its primary focus is strength and conditioning and getting back into the groove. We limit the amount of hours a student can be on campus, such as the idea of 4 strength days for 2 hours each.

Phase Two starts on July 20th and the best way to describe it is our normal summer practices, so we’ll see contact sports having more contact. 

Phase Three starts on Aug. 15th, which is the first date for IHSAA contests excluding women’s golf, so it should proceed normally.


How will these phases be implemented in CHS?

As for how it will be exactly implemented in Carmel High School is unknown, but these are guidelines that will definitely guide how we will be proceeding with the summer conditioning. One thing for sure, though, is we will be working with smaller groups during this first phase. For example, our weight room will be working at 50% capacity.


Will there be any opportunities for spring sports to practice once again?

There are no specific plans right now on how we’re following through with this, but it’s on the table for more of these team sports, not individual sports. For example, that includes men’s lacrosse, women’s softball, (and) men’s baseball. We hope to help them regain what they lost since we shut down our schools.