Charisma dance team continues to perform choreographed dances

Charisma performs at men and girls' soccer games. They performed at the “Make Good Decisions” soccer game on Sept. 13.  “I am so excited for all of our performances this season,” said Charisma dancer and senior Avery Iverson.

Hannah Gretz

September 25, 2019

On Friday, the charisma dance team will perform for the first time this year for the whole student body.  “We are performing at the pep rally on Friday for homecoming,” said second-year veteran member and senior Avery Iverson. “I am so excited to show everyone what we have been working on.” ...

Charitable Scores: Athletes discuss efforts to give back using sports

 Jack Mueller, captain of the men's soccer team and senior, prepares to give a speech on Make Good Decisions Night. The tshirts helped raise money for charity.

Caleb Shaffer

October 26, 2017

Texans player J. J. Watt recently grabbed the nation’s attention when he raised over $37 million for the victims of Hurricane Harvey by collecting donations from over 200,000 people. This money has gone towards items such as food and water for the victims affected by the hurricane. Locally, CHS spo...

Relative Advantage: Students with parents who work at CHS evaluate the merits, demerits of their situation

Sophomore Connor Inskeep washes the car of Jim Inskeep, Connor’s father and athletics director, at the annual FTK car wash.  Mr. Inskeep said Connor is still building his own legacy just like other students in the building.

Marissa Ryan, Feature Reporter

September 21, 2017

Most students say goodbye to their parents every morning and don’t see them again until the evening. But, for students like sophomore Connor Inskeep, they arrive at the same school as their parents. Both Connor and his father, Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, arrive at CHS together as the bell signal...

Coed Sports: Should They Exist?

Coed Sports: Should They Exist?


May 20, 2016

Alright, for my final blog post, I have decided to delve into Title IX and ask a tough question: Should there be coed sports, and if so, what sports should be coed?   For this topic, I have spent countless hours interviewing folks on whether or not we should introduce coed sports in the IHSAA....

Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Fall Sports Wrap-Up


November 20, 2015

In this post, I’m going to analyze each fall sports team’s honors as we transition into winter sports.   Cross-Country This year marked the first year Carmel took the individual championship for both boy’s and girl’s cross country. This year also marked the first year both boy’s...

Sports Briefs

Sports Briefs


October 9, 2015


Boys Soccer Prepares for Sectionals Oct. 7

Boys Soccer Prepares for Sectionals Oct. 7


October 6, 2015

The men’s soccer team prepares to compete in the first round of the Sectional tournament on Oct. 7 against Guerin at Guerin Catholic. Charles Price, team member and senior, said the team is well prepared for the tournament. He said the team has been playing well together this season and is eager for...

The Wilder, The Better

The Wilder, The Better


September 16, 2015

For the first time in CHS history, Wild Bunch and Big Game Club are accepting students from all grade levels. Since they were previously only accepting senior, this is a change that affects all grades. Most sophomores and juniors are very excited, but some seniors are disappointed with the change. Big...

Welcome to the Club: Rise in club teams leads to student athletes opting out of school athletics

Junior Stasia Mallin practices her skills for her club team. Mallin said the benefits of playing for a club team outweigh those of a school team.

Author Archives

November 14, 2014

Last year junior Stasia Mallin made the decision to give up school soccer to strictly play club ball. According to Athletic Business, a magazine geared toward the sports industry, a growing number of athletes like Mallin have to make the same decision about the sports they play and where they play it. The s...

Varsity Blues: How do students who take part in several sports balance them out?

Junior Stacy Morozov participates in 3 different sports. She said playing three sports helps her academically and keeps her focused.

Author Archives

October 10, 2014

ALONG WITH CARMEL’S HIGHLY TALENTED ATHLETES, preseason practices and conditioning sessions have become part of every sport and have played huge roles in the way sports teams have performed in previous seasons. These practices are put in place to help sports teams warm up faster and hit the ground ...