Comedy Sportz team continues practices downtown


Comedy Sportz team members continue Saturday practices downtown at the Comedy Sportz theater. Of the four total practices downtown, one practice still remains, which will be in December to practice the format of the matches. The first Comedy Sportz match will take place on Feb. 17 in the Studio Theater.

According to Leo Biette, sophomore and team member, the practices downtown help the team work on teamwork and learn the different games. Team members practice with members of all of the Comedy Sportz teams in Indiana. The practices occur once or twice a month because it is hard to come up with a schedule that fits the needs of all of the teams, according to Biette.

Biette said, “It is a very different dynamic having everyone together, versus just being (at) a Carmel practice.”

The practices at Carmel High School are meant to reinforce what the team learns at the workshops. About every third week, a trainer from downtown comes to the school to run the practice and make sure the team understands the process and skills learned at the downtown practices, according to club sponsor Jim Peterson.

Biette said, “My favorite part about the downtown practices is getting together with people from all over the state who share the same passion that I do.”