Economics Club members prepare for state competition in April


Economics Club members are making preparations for their state competition, which will take place on April 10.

Freshman Edward Zhang said, “Econ club is currently preparing for our state competition coming up in April. We have a meeting scheduled for second session SRT. We are furiously poring over business and financial news and reviewing core, economic concepts that will be necessary for success in the competition.”

According to club sponsor Michelle Foutz the members of the club will receive new tests to practice with. The competition in April is vital because if the team does not win this first competition, it is out for the entire competition season.

Zhang said, “I am still reading current events; (I have) second session SRT prepartion with Ms. Foutz. She is devoting a great deal of her time to find particularly relevant news articles and sift through all sorts of economic information in order to streamline our learning.”