House plans movie night on Nov. 10 to raise money for Riley Hospital


House, the student body government, is planning a movie night on Nov. 10 to raise money for Dance Marathon for Riley Hospital for Children. According to Meredith Baranowski, Speaker of the House, tickets cost $3 and the movie that will be played is The Avengers.

“With that $3 purchase, (students) get a complimentary assorted bag of candy, and, of course, a great time at the event,” Baranowski said. “This is such a fun event because it lets us high school students relive a bit of nostalgia, looking back to the good old elementary school days with movie nights.”

The event starts at 7 p.m. in the Freshman Cafeteria and is only open to current CHS students. Attendees will also receive a complimentary bag of candy, with the option of purchasing drinks or popcorn throughout the event as well.

“Students are welcome to bring sleeping bags or lawn chairs and wear pajamas,” House sponsor Sarah Wolff said. “This is the third time we’ve held this event and students really seem to like it.”

According to Baranowski, the event will be over by 9:30 p.m.

“I say, come out, and then continue on with your Saturday night afterwards,” Baranowski said. “It’s so much cheaper and cozier than going out to a real movie theater, and this way you get to hang with a bunch of your friends while benefiting Riley.”