UNICEF plans to pass out spirit wear, bake sale


UNICEF plans to hold a meeting on February 6, 2013 February’s bake sale, pass out spirit wear and begin preparing future officers to lead the club next year.

The bake sale will be in February. UNICEF expects to raise over $200. Club members will run the bake sale during lunch hours and sell brownies, cupcakes and cookies. “I would like us to be more active and more seen within the school,” UNICEF sponsor Jill Noel said. Noel hopes for more money to be raised this year than last year’s bake sale.

The long sleeve spirit wear shirts will be distributed to club members at UNICEF’s next meeting.

Officers for the 2013-2014 school year are: junior David Choe, president; sophomore Cynthia Wu and/or Janine Tang, vice president; sophomore Miriam Hu, treasurer; and Joie Li, secretary. UNICEF plans to have at least one meeting to prepare the officers. Noel said she hopes to wants new officers to be able to increase the amount of members in the club. Tiffany Yeh, treasurer and secretary of UNICEF club and senior said, “We’re going to let them lead the rest of the semester to let them get used to it and we’ll be there to help.”