Orchestras prepare for annual fall concert on Oct. 10


According to orchestra director Soo Han, the members of the CHS orchestras are preparing for the annual fall concert, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 10 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. It will feature the work of all five orchestras.

Symphonic Orchestra will perform two movements out of the “Dvorak Symphony No. 8,” said Han. The members will then continue to work on the symphony for the rest of the semester, which will lead to the culmination of a CD recording of the entire Dvorak symphony. The CD will then be made available for all the orchestra students and all the friends and family of the orchestra program.

“It is an incredible educational experience for the students to experience producing a CD. It’s also something great to have at the end of the process to listen to for the rest of their lives and hang on to it as a keepsake,” Han said.

In addition, Han said that there are two main changes to the orchestra program from last year. For one, Elisabeth Ohly-Davis replaced James Woomert as the assistant orchestra director. There are also now two freshman orchestras this year, as opposed to one, due to the large number of freshman orchestra students.

Hyesoo Chae, Symphonic Orchestra member and senior, said she is excited for orchestra this year because she enjoys it very much.

“I think it creates a really nice niche for a lot of people to express things they can’t express in words, not just individually, but as a group to help the audience feel what they’re feeling,” Chae said. “It’s been a really nice community for me to have and go back to, whether it’s because I’m having a hard time or because I’m happy.”