Time to Ask for the Bill



Wow. Look where we are. After over a year of everything from appetizers to dessert, it is time to let go. We’ve reviewed Indy’s best, delivered top lists for every occasion, and truly given to you, the students, a valued food perspective on one of the nation’s most underground and burgeoning food scenes. Well, now it’s time to hang up the apron, and move on. As college approaches for me, and I move out of the city that I’ve called home for nearly 18 years for Los Angeles, I feel obliged to leave you with my golden lists-the classics and the red hot restaurants to test today. On top of that, the destinations in bold are my ride or dies, places that have defined my childhood. In the words of DJ Khaled, this list is undoubtedly a major key, not just for your Instagram’s aesthetic, but for your hungering tastebuds. These are the type of places that never get old, but mature. The type of places that don’t just change and improve, but evolve. The type of places that don’t carelessly slap dishes on the menu, but curate the menu to play off of the ambience and forge a memorable experience. And most of all, the type of places that will make homesickness strike deeply throughout the next stage of my life. I wish to bid you all adieu, and want to thank you all for taking in the delicious content that I worked hard on for the past year and a half. Thank you for all of your hungering support.


  • Shapiro’s Deli-808 S. Meridian Street
  • St. Elmo’s Steakhouse-127 S. Illinois Street
  • Hollyhock Hill-8110 N. College Avenue
  • Bagel Fair-1300 E. 86th Street
  • Szechwan Garden-3649 Lafayette Road
  • Giorgio’s Pizza-9 E. Market Street
  • Cafe Patachou-4901 N. Pennsylvania Street

Today’s Hot Restaurants

  • Milktooth-534 Virginia Avenue
  • Rook-501 Virginia Avenue
  • Garden Table-908 E. Westfield Boulevard
  • Napolese-114 E. 49th Street
  • Petit Chou-823 Westfield Boulevard
  • Bluebeard-653 Virginia Avenue
  • Plow and Anchor-43 9th Street
  • Nicey Treat-916 E. Westfield Boulevard
  • Locally Grown Gardens-1050 E. 54th Street
  • Late Harvest-8605 River Crossing
  • Taste Cafe-5164 N. College Avenue
  • Delicia/La Mulita-5215 N. College Avenue
  • The Loft-9101 Moore Road
  • Goose the Market-2503 N. Delaware Street
  • The Eagle-310 Massachusetts Avenue
  • North End BBQ-1250 E. 86th Street
  • Pizzology-608 Massachusetts Avenue
  • Natural Born Juicers-865 Massachusetts Avenue
  • Thirsty Scholar-111 E. 16th Street
  • Public Greens-900 E. 64th Street


Thank you again, eat on my friends 🙂