Hound Pound looks for spirited students at upcoming callout


The Hound Pound, a new student spirit club, will be having its initial call-out meeting during the first session of SRT next Tuesday, Sept. 1. The Hound Pound is a social club open to all grades.

“At the call-out meeting we are going to see how many students show up and then organize cheers and chants. We are hoping that majority of the student body will come out. Later on in the year, we will try to come up with activities to do at home games, like the way Noblesville has its roller coaster,” member and senior, Molly Clark, said.

Sponsor Jim Inskeep said, “The student athletes in this year’s Student Athletic Board believe there is a need for more peer support at events throughout the school. Everyone is involved in many activities and sometimes we lose sight of having fun.”

“The Hound Pound was a spirit club awhile ago and we decided to bring it back this year, because the spirit section is practically divided by class. The club is going to bring everyone together and cheer for our sport teams,” member and senior, Lindsey Kitzinger, said.

There are also T-shirts available for this club. Students can buy the Hound Pound T-shirts in the Activities Office or at the first few home games for $10.

Clark said, “Hound Pound is a great way for students to show their support, pride and spirit.”