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CHS hosts College Information Night

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CHS will be hosting its annual College Information Night on Sept. 1 and Sept. 6 for CHS students and parents. According to Melinda Stephan, college and career programming and resources coordinator, visitors should expect a breakout session format similar to last year’s College Information Night.

“There are eight different breakout sessions you can choose from, we have some military representatives to talk about military options…we have some folks coming from Ivy Tech community college…the nice thing about College Information Night is that people can choose to hear what they want to hear and what they need to hear,” Stephan said.

According to the College Information Night flyer, visitors should expect an essay session, an SAT and ACT session, financial aid session, and more.

Stephan said that the breakout sessions have been an improvement to the event.

“Several people had commented that they had been to College Information Night previously with older children and really liked this new format,” Stephan said. “I can tell you personally, it was overwhelming to present all the information in one PowerPoint at one point in time.”

Ann Boldt, college and career advisor, said she agrees.

“I would say the breakout sessions, we have found, people have been very happy with this format because they can pick and choose what is important to them,” Boldt said. “Sometimes, actually, they are splitting out, parents are going to different sessions.”

Boldt also says that everyone is encouraged to come, even sophomores and freshmen.

“I think that it’s giving them a view into the future, things that are going to be important as part of their application, their college search journey,” Boldt says. “We are going to have panelists from the different schools, some private and some public, and that will also be an opportunity for them to ask questions about maybe what they’ll be looking for.”

Boldt also said that freshmen and sophomores should expect a different event, which will take place later in the spring.

Stephan said that she hopes that visitors get information that they need.

“I hope that they get information that they were maybe lacking in this process. Different people are coming into the process at different ways and different levels of experience,” Stephan said. “I just hope they walk away from the evening with some helpful information to, one, make this process less stressful, and help them take steps, no matter where they are in the process.


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