Superintendent implements year two of technology integration plan, begins elementary program evaluation


Seniors Aakash Roy, Catherine Qing and Kevin Chen (left to right) use Canvas to complete their homework during SRT. Chen said although more could be done to improve the integration of Canvas, he prefers it over previous platorms, such as Edmodo and Moodle.

Nyssa Qiao

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the district will implement year two of their technology integration plan through the migration of Canvas and the district web platform.

Senior Kevin Chen said while Canvas serves its purpose as a place to store information and files, there is more to improve on.

“I guess I like Canvas compared to other things like Edmodo, but a lot of teachers don’t really do much with it other than just posting files. I still think it’s a good resource; it’s just not as helpful as it could be. I think it can get a lot more interactive,” said Chen.

Additionally, the district will start their elementary evaluation program this year.

“The elementary program evaluation is significant and we’ll keep the community involved because there’ll be parents, teachers and administrators on the committee to look at the program evaluation,” Wahl said. “We’ll continue to do updates throughout the year at board meetings, coordination council, PTO functions, my leadership team and through our newsletter.”