Press release: School board accepts resignation of Superintendent Nicholas Wahl

Press release: School board accepts resignation of Superintendent Nicholas Wahl

Manahil Nadeem

January 12, 2018

Carmel Clay Schools shared a press release on Jan. 12 announcing that the school board approved Superintendent Nicholas Wahl's resignation.  The press release is as follows. The Carmel Clay School Board has accepted the resignation of Dr. Nicholas Wahl as its superintendent of schools effective...

Superintendent to implement new courses for next school year, improve technology infrastructure at CHS

Senior Esteban Richey uses his phone
 to check Canvas. He said he often times has difficulty connecting to and using the Wi-Fi in different parts of CHS.

Nyssa Qiao

November 8, 2017

Assistant Superintendent Amy Dudley said new courses for the 2018-2019 school year were just approved and include: a community service course by creating a technology help desk in which students can get service hours for participation, Robotics Design and Innovation as well as Culinary Arts and Hospital...

Press Release: CCS places Superintendent on ‘administrative leave’

Press Release: CCS places Superintendent on 'administrative leave'

October 10, 2017

Carmel Clay Schools shared a press release on Oct. 9 announcing that it is placing Superintendent Nicholas Wahl on "administrative leave." The press release is as follows. Layla Spanenberg, President of the Carmel Clay School Board, issued this statement during the Board's meeting of October 9, 2017. The...

Superintendent to implement science program evaluation and continue with technology integration plan

Senior Sarah McDanell uses the Canvas app to
 look at files for her AP Statistics class. She said although not all her teachers used Google Classroom, she liked the layout and prefers it to Canvas.

Nyssa Qiao

October 2, 2017

At the Carmel Clay Schools Board Workshop on Sept. 11, it was decided the district would engage in a K-12 science program evaluation, according to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl. With the new standards, there is “more hands on learning through exploration, investigation and design,” along with “stud...

Superintendent implements year two of technology integration plan, begins elementary program evaluation

Seniors Aakash Roy, Catherine Qing
 and Kevin Chen (left to right) use Canvas to complete their homework during SRT. Chen said although more could be done to improve the integration of Canvas, he prefers it over previous platorms, such as Edmodo and Moodle.

Nyssa Qiao

September 7, 2017

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the district will implement year two of their technology integration plan through the migration of Canvas and the district web platform. Senior Kevin Chen said while Canvas serves its purpose as a place to store information and files, there is more to impro...

A Legendary Legacy; CHS prepares for Principal John Williams’ retirement, introducing his successor

Principal John Williams talks to senior Sarah Biette. Student Body President Mike Pitz said it saddens him to see him go, but he appreciates the time and leadership Williams provided.

Emily Dexter, Story

April 20, 2017

Student body president Mike Pitz said he was riding a bus with his basketball teammates when he found out Principal John Williams plans to retire at the end of the school year. The team was in the midst of preparations for the Regional tournament later that day, and this announcement added to the earl...

Repeat the Referendum: The school-board proposed tax referendum will lead to positive improvement at CHS; students should support it.

Repeat the Referendum: The school-board proposed tax referendum will  lead to positive improvement at CHS; students should support it.

HiLite Staff, Staff

March 17, 2017

On Dec. 31, the school tax referendum of 2010 will expire. On May 2, the citizens of Carmel will vote on the new tax referendum. If the proposed referendum fails to pass, Carmel Clay Schools will be forced to cut programs and staff members. Though some may be confused about the purpose of the referendum, ...

Superintendent continues with technology integration plan, including technology training for teachers

Senior Nathan Fei finishes homework on his laptop. According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the technology implementation plan for this year includes rolling out devices—Microsoft convertible laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads—for students to all 15 buildings in the district.

Jenny Zhao, Managing Editor

November 9, 2016

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, most teachers in all 15 Carmel Clay school buildings have their own device, and a current goal is to roll out devices for students in all buildings by the end of first semester. These devices will include Microsoft convertible laptops, Chromebooks and iPads....

Superintendent to receive draft of strategic planning results by end of April

Matthew Keene, Senate member and senior, studies from his economics textbook during a break in AP English Language and Composition class. Keene said incorporating technology into school would have the benefit of enabling students to use technology responsibly. MATTHEW DEL BUSTO / PHOTO


April 25, 2015

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the schoolboard will receive a draft of the strategic plan and accompanying research document by the end of April. He said on May 11, ECRA (Education, Consulting, Research, Analytics) will facilitate a work session with the school board to review the findings...

Superintendent prepares for strategic planning results in April

Senior Ian Finley works on an AP Spanish Language paper. Finley said that while it is more productive for students to bring their own electronic devices in class instead of using those provided by the school, he does not think it should be a necessity for students. MATTHEW DEL BUSTO/PHOTO


April 1, 2015

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the strategic planning results come back from the consultant at the end of April. “(I’m) very excited about the findings there so we can start to look at strategic initiatives that hopefully will impact in a positive way how we do what we do in teachin...

Superintendent prepares for “Rise Above the Mark” showing on Jan. 21

Senior Liam Duncan looks at his phone at the end of a government class. Duncan said he

would prefer adding on time to the end of school days like last year as opposed to adding Saturday school 

to make up for school cancellations. (PHOTO / MATTHEW DEL BUSTO)


January 15, 2015

Superintendent Nicholas Wahl said he is preparing for the “Rise Above the Mark” showing at the Dale E. Graham Auditorium on Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m.  Wahl said the showing of the production, made by the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation, is about what has happened to public education i...

Carmel Clay Schools begin implementation of new assessment

Senior Alex Cohen works on a lab during AP Physics C. He said that he would be nervous about an assessment if he would get his results immediately upon completion but that after it was all said and done it would be nice to see results right away. MATTHEW DEL BUSTO / PHOTO


September 30, 2014

According to Superintendent Nicholas Wahl, the Carmel Clay School (CCS) district has begun the implementation of the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) assessment at the elementary school level. Wahl said, “Initial reaction (to the test is that it) is very efficient and informative.” He s...