Superintendent prepares for “Rise Above the Mark” showing on Jan. 21


Senior Liam Duncan looks at his phone at the end of a government class. Duncan said he would prefer adding on time to the end of school days like last year as opposed to adding Saturday school to make up for school cancellations. (PHOTO / MATTHEW DEL BUSTO)


Superintendent Nicholas Wahl said he is preparing for the “Rise Above the Mark” showing at the

Dale E. Graham Auditorium on Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m.  Wahl said the showing of the production, made by the

West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation, is about what has happened to public education in Indiana

as a result of education becoming so political.

“It’s being shown by the board of education, administration, teachers’ association and foundation,

we’re showing it together with a collective force behind public schools in a positive way.”

As for the recent two-hour delays and school closing due to inclement weather, Wahl said that he is

the one who makes the decisions regarding delays. He said that there are multiple variables to take into

account before calling a delay or cancellation, including the temperature, wind chill, road conditions,

making sure the roads are salted and the timing of the snow.

He said that there are two built-in snow days per year, and instead of adding on a school day, that

there would be an extension to the school day similar to last year, where each period got five minutes


He said that last year was the first time that the school day extension was an option.

“We don’t have any interest….going to school in June when we can extend some days in the

spring,” Wahl said.

Senior Liam Duncan said that Westfield schools have previously added Saturday school to make

up for missed days.

“I’d rather have 20 minutes at the end of the day then go in on Saturday,” Duncan said.