Creative writing club welcomes new club sponsor


Creative Writing Club Leader and Senior Kylie Gardner works on writing piece for the first meeting on September 12th. According to Gardner, the more members write, the better writers they will become

Hannah Glazier

Last year, Jerry Brickley, former Creative Writing Club sponsor, retired. As a result, Danielle Jansen will be Creative Writing Club’s new sponsor.

“My goal is for the club to be a fun place for student interested in writing to come together, practice their skills and share their work,” said Jansen. “ I want the club to resemble not a class, but a social gathering where students can have the freedom to work on something that really interest them and get together with people who have like minded goals.”

The club’s first meeting will take place Sept. 12th in Room E131. According to club leader and senior Kylie Gardner, the meeting will begin with a small writing workshop and then break into individual writing time.

“We will only meet every other week this year, so hopefully that will allow us to have more structure at the meetings and guide people towards their writing goals more,” said Gardner.

In addition to more structured meetings, according to Gardner, Creative Writing Club will strive for more consistent attendance amongst members. This is part of a broader effort to encourage members to become familiar with other members, so they will feel comfortable sharing their work.

“We want to increase sharing written pieces because ultimately if our goals are to become published, then we need to learn how to share and be open with our writing,” said Gardner.