Creative Writing Club planning to meet Dec. 5

Cara Roberge

November 27, 2018

The Creative Writing Club will be having its next meeting on December 5th in room E131 after school. They will be doing a writing prompt and an activity that is yet to be determined. Last meeting was on Nov. 14th. The club did a writing prompt and an activity corresponding to it. Club member Kierstyn...

Creative Writing Club scheduled to meet Nov. 14

Cara Roberge

November 10, 2018

The Creative Writing Club will be having its next meeting on November 14th in room E131 after school. They will be doing a writing prompt, and a activity that is to be determined. Last meeting club member Kierstyn Hubbard said they, “Designed a haunted house and each contributed different ideas and...

Creative Writing Club arranged to meet Oct. 31

Cara Roberge

October 15, 2018

The Creative Writing Club is having its second meeting of the year on Oct. 31, in room E131. They will be hanging locker signs, and participating in a given writing prompt. Last meeting was on Sept. 26th. They did a Care to Share which club member Kierstyn Hubbard described as her favorite part because, ...

Creative Writing Club to Announce Creative Writing Competition Winners

Creative Writing Club is discussing club participation in the annual Creative Writing Contest. The winners will be announced next Tuesday, as well as next Friday on the announcements.

Hannah Glazier

March 16, 2018

The creative writing contests deadline was last week. On Tuesday, the winners of the contest in each category will be announced. Additionally, on Friday the winners will be announced on the CHTV announcement. The club leaders as well as the club sponsor will present prizes to the winners. According to club sp...

Hands of Hope: With natural disasters becoming increasingly common, CHS students, staff think about how to plan for the future

English teacher Danielle Jansen works with senior Noah Huber during SRT. According to Jansen, IB Creativity Activity Service students are working to help raise funds for hurricane disaster relief from Hurricane Harvey.

Avery Thorpe

October 26, 2017

One hundred thirty two mile per hour winds, nine days of rainfall and $190 billion worth of destruction. This is the impact Hurricane Harvey had on southeast Texas, where the tropical storm hit the hardest. Harvey was a Category 3 storm. A few weeks later, a similar scenario played out when Hurricane Irma...

Creative writing club welcomes new club sponsor

Creative Writing Club Leader and Senior Kylie Gardner works on writing piece for the first meeting on September 12th. According to Gardner, the more members write, the better writers they will become

Hannah Glazier

September 7, 2017

Last year, Jerry Brickley, former Creative Writing Club sponsor, retired. As a result, Danielle Jansen will be Creative Writing Club’s new sponsor. “My goal is for the club to be a fun place for student interested in writing to come together, practice their skills and share their work,” said Jan...