Creative Writing Club to Announce Creative Writing Competition Winners


Creative Writing Club is discussing club participation in the annual Creative Writing Contest. The winners will be announced next Tuesday, as well as next Friday on the announcements.

Hannah Glazier

The creative writing contests deadline was last week. On Tuesday, the winners of the contest in each category will be announced. Additionally, on Friday the winners will be announced on the CHTV announcement. The club leaders as well as the club sponsor will present prizes to the winners.

According to club sponsor Danielle Jansen, “I was hoping that we’d have more money from the department to spend on the prizes, but the first place winner will get wireless headphones, the second place winner will win a leather journal and the third place winner will win a certificate.”

Additionally, the club is working towards transitioning the club to new leadership. Recently, the Creative Writing Club held officer elections to determine who will be on the executive team next year. The new leaders include juniors Maya Henderson and Lillia Nugent, as well as sophomore Ayman Bolad.

“I am looking forward to passing the baton to next year’s leaders,” said club leader Kylie Gardner. “We have some new faces on our leadership committee, and I am looking forward to watching the club transform and transition.”

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