Men’s cross-country team prepares for Trinity Invitational


Submitted by Sean Reimer

The Carmel men's cross-country team participates in a meet.

Sameen Siddiqui, Reporter

According to Colin Altevogt, men’s cross-country team’s head coach, this year the team is looking forward to competing with Carroll High School and a high school from Louisville during the Trinity Invitational because they will be the top competitors there.

“We’ve gotten to parts of our training that’s really going to show up in the race on Saturday. Plus there’s some other top competitors, such as Carroll, which is the number two team in the state that will be there. We’ll get to see both of those teams plus us so it’ll be a really good meet,” Altevogt said.

According to Altevogt, last year the cross-country team was only able to play against Carroll during the Nike Regional which was to qualify for the Nationals, and during the State Championship. He said this year the Trinity Invitational will be the only time the team will play against Carroll until the State Championship.

Sean Reimer, JV runner and junior, said, “Carroll brings out the best in us and we’ll do the same for them. We’ll see what happens from there.”

Reimer said in preparation for the invitational, they are currently running shorter, faster workouts on the grass which will help them finish races stronger and quicker.

Altevogt said, “We’ve got a pretty old team which is good because seniors just do better than everyone else because they’re older and have more training. Probably our top four guys are seniors. In our first couple meets we were pretty good even though we hadn’t gotten to some of our training to make us race really fast so I think we’re pretty excited to see how well we can do this week once we’ve gotten to that part of our training and then we anticipate being even better in October once we’ve gotten stronger and then gotten back to our faster training again.”

Darren Yates, JV runner and junior, said the team is keeping up with their training and they are working hard everyday and trusting the training. He said the season started off great and will hopefully continue to with only two more weeks left in the regular season.

“We as a team are expecting Carroll to be a top contender this year once again, but as a member of our team and watching the training and each individual athlete improve everyday I feel we have a pretty good chance at the State meet this October,” Yates said.