CHS Theater prepares for Studio One Acts, holds auditions for fall production


Charlotte Seidensticker, student director for Studio One Acts and senior, meets with the cast of her production to discuss the setup of the stage. Seidensticker said she appreciates the fact that student directors are able to design each aspect of their stages.

Alanna Wu

CHS Theater is currently rehearsing and building stages for the student-directed Studio One Acts, which will take place Sept. 28 to 30. The four acts are entitled: “Pizza: A Love Story,” “Last Minute Adjustments,” “The Role of Della” and “From the Mouths of Babes.” In addition, auditions for the fall production “Up the Down Staircase” will be held in the Studio Theater Sept. 25 and 26.

Charlotte Seidensticker, student director for Studio One Acts and senior, said the stages for the Studio One Acts will be built from scratch, giving the student directors freedom to design every aspect of their own stage.

“They’re actually building the new stage from the ground up, because (in the Studio Theater) you can build something anywhere and it will work as a stage, which is really cool actually. So we got to choose where we wanted the stage, and what we wanted the stage to look like,” Seidensticker said.

While the student directors prepare for the Studio One Acts, Theatre Arts teacher Jim Peterson will begin auditioning and rehearsing for “Up the Down Staircase.” Peterson said this play will have a different effect than last year’s fall production “The Sting,” as well as different staging direction.

“(‘Up the Down Staircase) not really serious, there’s some funny moments, there’s some touching moments, which is kind of in contrast to ‘The Sting.’ It’s dealing with a first year high school teacher as opposed to a cunning gangster out of money,” Peterson said. “I’m (also) just looking forward to trying some new staging direction, and directing ‘Up the Down Staircase’ in a situation where the audience surrounds the stage.”