Big Game Club looking to rally a larger student section for games


Big Game Club supports the football team during a game at home. Gonzalez said he is looking into expanding the student section even more throughout the year.

Allen Zheng

According to club sponsor Brad Pearson, Senior Night on Sept. 25 was a success with a huge participation turnout from all grades. The next women’s varsity soccer team will have their next game at Center Grove on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m.

Pearson said Big Game’s main goal is to win a spirit award from Channel 13 for being having one of them most energetic student sections.

“We have caught the news station’s attention and have received a lot of praise from them so far so that is a good sign. With a school as big as ours, it should be easy for us to accomplish that goal.” Pearson said.

Griffin Gonzalez, club president and senior, said they have been participating well to get the attention of Channel 13 for these awards. He also looks forward to improving the student section to make it more enjoyable for all students.

Gonzalez said, “I would say for us, our biggest goal this year is making the student section more fun for every student at Carmel. We want the most student involvement ever. Our teams should know that no matter what sport is happening on any given night, they will have a boatload of support in the bleachers.”