Volleyball to play sectional game at Noblesville on Oct. 12

Kelly Truax

The team will be playing the sectional match on Oct. 12 and the sectional championship will be held on Oct. 14.

    According to Head Coach Reynae Pierce, the team will be watching film in preparation for sectionals. “We will be watching film on not only our opponents but ourselves as well. If we know our own weaknesses, we can focus on making those weaknesses stronger as we prepare.  Watching the film on the other team helps because we can work to put ourselves in situations to make our team most successful.  For us, building the mentality that we can be successful together is what will prepare us the most mentally,” Pierce said via email.

    Setter and junior Lauren Van Remortal said she is looking forward to the start of sectionals because of the fun activities they participate in and because the volleyball competition is so intense.

    “My favorite is probably Dad’s Breakfast where all of the girls on Varsity and their dads go to a senior’s house and we all eat breakfast together. The senior’s dads talk about their daughters and it is always fun to listen to. Volleyball-wise, I’m looking forward to the tournament because the competition is so intense. Especially in our sectional, it’s so fun to play against strong teams from the start. Any team could win on any day,” Van Remortal said.

    Pierce that said as the season has continued the team has improved in its strength to work as one unit and its mental game. Pierce said “ There have definitely been aspects of each of their games individually, but I am more impressed with the mental change that we have seen.  They are being much better teammates on the court, and that alone has had an impact on our success.  I am looking forward to seeing how that affects our post-season run.”
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