Carmel Clay Public Library looking for volunteers


Abby Carmichael, Teen Library Council vice president and sophomore, and Kassandra Lynn, Teen Library Council president and sophomore, work on the next Teen Library Council meeting talking points. The biggest event that the Teen Library Council hosts is the Yule Ball in January.

Jai Sanghani

The Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) is still looking for volunteers for its Teen Volunteer Corps. The volunteers could be used for events such as the International Games Day, in which volunteers will help demonstrate board games to competitors in the event.

Jamie Beckman, young adult section librarian, said, “If you need to volunteer for whatever reason, please start volunteering now rather than the end of the semester. There are more opportunities available in October and November as opposed to December.”

Another volunteering event is Green Gift Shop. In the Green Gift Shop, volunteers will demonstrate how to make tissue paper bows to people who need help with gift wrapping. It will take place on Nov. 16.

Abby Carmichael, Teen Library Council member and junior said, “I love that the library is such an important part of Carmel as a community. Kids hang out there after school, we host events for all different ages, and obviously it’s the best place to go for media, whether it’s for research or entertainment or any other purpose. I think it’s really cool to see how it’s sort of a cultural center for our city.”