Blue cheer team to cheer at girls basketball game on Dec. 8


Winter Cheerleaders practice their cheers for basketball games. Blue and Gold cheer teams cheer for both boys and girls basketball, but they alternate which games they cheer so that the team isn’t overwhelmed by the schedule.

Kelly Truax

The team will cheer for the away game against Brownsburg at 7:30 p.m. In preparation for this game the team has started a new routine this season to keep in shape.

Head Coach Deanna Browning said “Something new we started this season is that we work out with Coach Bosket every week. The girls are pushing themselves to gain strength and endurance that will make them better cheerleaders.”

Caroline Crediford, cheerleader and junior said she is looking forward to cheering at this game. “My team usually works on improving our stunts and pyramids during practices. So, I always look forward to stunting and cheering in front of the crowd,” Crediford said.

When cheering at basketball games the cheerleaders do various stunts and formations to get the crowd excited for the game. Browning explained the basics behind the stunts and formations.

Browning said  “A stunt group is made up of four girls. There is one flyer, who is on top. Two bases hold the flyer up, and a back spot supports the stunt from behind. The flyer may be held up on one or two feet above the bases’ heads. We do a variety of stunts that range in difficulty. We also do pyramids, where stunt groups are connected and work together to perform more difficult stunts.”