Blue cheer team to cheer at the men’s basketball home game on Dec. 15

Kelly Traux

The game will start at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 15 in the varsity gym. The cheer team has been preparing for the match during practices. During practices, they work on their stunting and formations.

    Kimsey Kelley, varsity cheerleader and junior, said that fans should come out because they help hype the athletes up for their games.

“Fans should attend games because they’d be supporting CHS sports and activities. With more people in the crowd, the players have a better performance from the cheering of their peers,” Kelley said.

    During games, Kelley said the team does different stunts for the fans and athletes.

Kelley said, “We do a lot of extensions and preps for games. And during quarters or timeouts, we do pyramids to impress the crowd.”

Head Coach Deanna Browning said she has a goal for the cheerleaders to accomplish throughout the season.

Browning said “As a coach, a simple goal that I always have for my teams is growth. I want to build on the skills the girls come in with and make them stronger. I want them to master difficult stunts, grow in their tumbling by practicing outside of practice and improve their jumps by focusing on flexibility. I also want them to engage the crowd, which is a learning process. By the end of the season, they should be responding to fans in the stands and really leading the crowd in chants to support the team.”