Rising Stars to have club meeting Thursday, March 1 in Studio Theater


President and senior Lauren Alexander formally introduces herself to a new club member of the Rising Stars Club. She understands the importance of making sure that each member feels comfortable and familiar with one another for the success of the club.

Bryce Cheng

The Rising Stars Club plans to host its monthly meeting on Thursday, March 1 right after school in the Studio Theater. According to sponsor Jim Peterson, the purpose of this meeting will be to discuss activities of the theatre division and other upcoming events.

            “These monthly meetings we have are super important because it is when we can guarantee that all members are on the same page and enforce organization in the club,” Peterson said.

            President and senior Lauren Alexander said that this meeting will also start the nomination process for next year’s club board.  Information such as how to vote online will be introduced to club members.

            “Club meetings are always fun because we share valuable information about the club and further get to know each other,” Alexander said.