Principal Tom Harmas continues to prepare for Culture of Care week


Student body President Ben Goldberg and speaker of the House Sam Johnson speak at the fall convocation. Goldberg said he is excited to see the implementation of a new mental health awareness program called Culture of Care starting the week of Feb. 26.

Manahil Nadeem

This year, CHS hopes to kickstart an initiative, Culture of Care, that will put a greater emphasis on students’ mental health, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Harmas said administrators and counselors are working hard to kickoff the program the week of Feb. 26.

“CHS puts a huge emphasis on academics and curriculum instruction, which is great. However, I feel like it is time we make mental health a priority in this school,” Harmas said.

Harmas said multiple people, not just administrators, will be involved in planning this week. For example, according to Harmas, the counseling department is organizing a Parent Awareness Night on March 1.

“At the event, we will have a panel of mental health professionals that will stimulate a discussion with parents,” Harmas said. “I’m really excited to see how it panes out and hope parents can learn how to challenge this so-called stigma of mental health,” Harmas said.

Along with parents, Harmas said they hope to reach out to students and other community members as well.

“We really want to hear everyone’s input on this program. We have this three-year plan, so that we can gradually improve both our and others outlook on mental health,” Harmas said.

Student body President Ben Goldberg said he believes this program is a positive initiative led by the administrators.

“At the last PAC (Principal’s Advisory Committee) meeting, Dr. Harmas shared a basic overlook of the program. Just by looking at what they have in mind, I feel this program could be an amazing addition to CHS,” Goldberg said.