Model U.N. to attend conference at IUPUI


Model UN to attend local conference, Indianapolis Model United Nations (IMUN), one of the two longest-running high school Model UNs in the world.

Richa Louis

Model U.N. members to attend a conference at IUPUI for their Indianapolis Model United Nations (IMUN). IMUN is one of the two longest-running high school Model U.N.s in the world. Last Thursday, Model U.N. members met in Room E208 for their upcoming conference. The conference will take place on Mar. 15 to 16.

Like all their weekly meetings, Model U.N. members continue simulations in order to prepare for this conference. Sponsor Sandy Gardner said, “We have some new people who have never been to a conference, so we will be looking at what the particular committees actually have the power to do, what do they normally do. That might be a little different (from previous preparations for conferences) because we can give those people who have never been (to a conference) a little bit more information.”

Co-president and junior Danial Tajwer said, “It’s the cheapest conference we have all year, so we are able to bring a lot more people. It’s really just a lot of fun, we have some interesting dynamics there.”