Goalball Club continues with plans to make court portable



Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, tapes down a temporary court. Sanchez said he might find a secondary sponsor due to Goalball Club sponsor Dave Romano’s commitments in the district as well as a track coach for Creekside Middle School.

Christina Yang

According to Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, he is still trying to create a portable goalball court due to the fact that it takes too long to set up before playing and take down after the game.

Sanchez said, “I have not talked to Mr. Romano yet because I first wanted to finish the design, so I could show (the design) to him.”

Meanwhile, Goalball Club sponsor Dave Romano said he is still starting up a club at Carmel Middle School.

“I am trying to work on how I could combine the two clubs in some way, but it’s coming along,” Romano said.