Q&A with junior Lisa Warren who uses personal business to fundraise for Dance Marathon

Junior Lisa Warren prepares to sew the fabric for the scrunchie.

Alina Yu

February 22, 2019

When did you join student government? I was never in student government in middle school, but freshman year, I joined House of Representatives, and then last year, I was also in House. I thought Senate might be fun and also a good way to get more involved, so I ran for Senate end of last year, and this...

Sunshine of your days, it’s Sugar Ray’s!

Sunshine of your days, it's Sugar Ray's!

Christina Yang

May 18, 2018

Where does your passion for baking come from? Growing up, I always loved watching “The Cake Boss;” that’s really where it came from. I just thought it was so cool that you could make something that means so much to people. You can make anything that goes with (your) passions, and you get ...

Online Harassment? Students, staff define online harassment, reflect on its effects

Assistant principal Brittany Wiseman checks the attendance list. She said she would define online harassment as an act performed intentionally to annoy or provoke someone.

Raphael Li

April 20, 2018

To most students, the bell at the end of fourth period signals the end of school. But, for Claire Estabrook, Instagram model and senior, it is not only the end of the school day but also the start of a time when she can focus more on her social media accounts online as a model. Estabrook is not alo...

‘Rep Urself’: CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

'Rep Urself': CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

Anushka Dasgupta

March 23, 2018

With the advent of the Internet, social media and a wider range of mass media, teenagers today are far different from their predecessors. They use new slang words daily, each passing in and out of trends, made up by anyone and everyone who has access to the Internet. In the past few years, many have  c...

Goalball Club continues with plans to make court portable

Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, tapes down a temporary court. Sanchez said he might find a secondary sponsor due to Goalball Club sponsor Dave Romano’s commitments in the district as well as a track coach for Creekside Middle School.

Christina Yang

March 12, 2018

According to Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, he is still trying to create a portable goalball court due to the fact that it takes too long to set up before playing and take down after the game. Sanchez said, “I have not talked to Mr. Romano yet because I first wanted to finish...

Goalball Club plans to make portable court

Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, tapes down a temporary court. Sanchez said because it takes too long to set up and take down the court every meeting, he is working on a portable court design.

Christina Yang

February 1, 2018

  According to Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, he has been trying to create a portable goalball court.     Sanchez said, “Last year, we would have to tape down the ropes, and that would easily take 10 to 15 minutes to set up and take down, but I’ve been looking into ways...

Goalball Club will not meet within next three weeks

Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, talks with Alexandra Lawburg ‘17, former Goalball Club member and alumna, about club developments. Sanchez said the club has been working on drills and improving its skills as a team.​

Christina Yang

January 18, 2018

According to Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, there are no planned meetings for the near future. “I’m not sure yet what I want to do second semester because it’s my first year leading and planning, so I’m still trying to figure some things out," Sanchez said. Like las...

Keep Mindfulness in Mind: As finals week approaches, students, teachers evaluate another way to alleviate stress: mindfulness.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students work on their breathing meditation. Junior Aubrie Bradbury (second from the right) said she found out about mindfulness during her freshman year, but during TOK, she got back into practicing mindfulness, which has been helpful for her.

Lin-Lin Mo

December 14, 2017

Every Gold Day, junior Aubrie Bradbury comfortably sits crossed-legged and leans against large bean bags for back support during meditation exercises, directed over the speakers. She follows its directions, inhaling and exhaling when told, sometimes smiling when something unexpected interrupts the flow. She...

Goalball Club continue to teach new players

Goalball Club sponsor Dave Romano tapes down a temporary court before the club members start playing. Sanchez said they will play in the main cafeteria after school whenever club members are available.

Christina Yang

November 20, 2017

According to Robert Sanchez, Goalball Club president and sophomore, the club plans to have another meeting so he can continue to teach the new players how to play the sport. “I just want to focus on teaching them for a little bit longer on navigation and building up their skills, ” Sanchez said. At...

Trumping Expectations: Students, staff compare expectations during Trump’s campaign to those now

Loncharich looks back as club members enter the room. According to Loncharich, there was a large turnout for the second meeting of the year.

Angela Qian

October 26, 2017

Junior Sasha Matsuki said she is generally disappointed but not surprised when she sees the latest news regarding President Donald Trump and his policies. However, Matsuki said she wanted to have positive expectations going into his presidency. “Before (Trump) won the election, everything that could have happe...

Relative Advantage: Students with parents who work at CHS evaluate the merits, demerits of their situation

Sophomore Connor Inskeep washes the car of Jim Inskeep, Connor’s father and athletics director, at the annual FTK car wash.  Mr. Inskeep said Connor is still building his own legacy just like other students in the building.

Marissa Ryan, Feature Reporter

September 21, 2017

Most students say goodbye to their parents every morning and don’t see them again until the evening. But, for students like sophomore Connor Inskeep, they arrive at the same school as their parents. Both Connor and his father, Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, arrive at CHS together as the bell signal...