Q&A with junior Lisa Warren who uses personal business to fundraise for Dance Marathon


Christina Yang

Junior Lisa Warren prepares to sew the fabric for the scrunchie.

Alina Yu

When did you join student government?

I was never in student government in middle school, but freshman year, I joined House of Representatives, and then last year, I was also in House. I thought Senate might be fun and also a good way to get more involved, so I ran for Senate end of last year, and this year is my first year in Senate.

What inspired you to make scrunchies?

I got a sewing machine for my birthday in eighth grade, and I really didn’t know how to make much, so I thought (scrunchies) were pretty simple and something that I’d actually use or wear. I knew scrunchies were coming back in style, so I just decided one day to pick out a pattern and make my own scrunchie because if you go in the stores you can’t really find personalized ones. I wanted to make something that was personalized, so that just motivated me to make something that I only had or had made.

What is your favorite scrunchie to make and why?

Christina Yang
Warren seals the scrunchie with the sewing machine in order to turn the fabric into a circular shape.

My favorite ones are the velvet ones because they are really soft and they always come in bright shiny colors and they are also typically easier to make because of the stretch of the material.

When did you decide to start your scrunchie business?

I think it was freshman year. I was only signed up for Dance Marathon, so I wasn’t in Senate or (the Executive Council) yet, but I wanted to reach my fundraising goal by doing something that was fun for me. My friends always like my Christmas scrunchies, so why don’t I sell them for my fundraising total?

How did you learn how to make scrunchies?

In the beginning, I taught myself because I didn’t know where to find a pattern. Over the years, I’ve just altered (the) pattern that I had from the start to make the perfect size and measurements. I basically created my own pattern.

Why did you decide to continue making scrunchies?

I keep making them because it’s just a creative outlet for me. I like to see the (fabric) patterns in the store come out in my scrunchies, and having them for holidays is always really fun for me because it is just another way for me to express myself through my style. It’s just relaxing to sit down a

Christina Yang
These are some of the scrunchies that Warren made during the last holiday season.

nd make scrunchies and watch TV or YouTube at the same time.

What are some ways you fundraise?

In the Executive Council, I’ve gone canning several times. Right now I’m making scrunchies and selling them to go towards my fundraising goal and other things, like if I tutor my friends, some of the money will go to my fundraising total.

Do you feel your business embodies the spirit of Dance Marathon?

I think it embodies the spirit because of the personal aspect. Dance Marathon is people helping other people, and I think that by providing scrunchies to people, that is another connection between us that embodies the person-to-person aspect of Dance Marathon.

What advice would you give to dancers on finding ways to fundraise for Dance Marathon?

Christina Yang

Anything goes if you put your mind to it because sometimes you think it won’t work out. If I thought scrunchies wouldn’t help me reach my goal, then I would never have done it and (it) would’ve never gone towards my goal. It would’ve never helped me start fundraising. It turns out, it did, and I think also just reaching that personal aspect of yourself and using that towards your goal. Anything that you are good at, I bet there is a way that you can fundraise with that.