PTO to meet April 10


Bethlehem Daniel

The PTO is scheduled to have its next meeting on April 10 at 9 a.m. in the community room. Currently, the PTO is in the midst of planning for the Scholastic Banquet and Gradfest in addition to the year-long backpack drive initiative. According to Homecoming committee chairperson Donna Birhiray, events such as Homecoming, among others that the PTO hosts, helps in creating a unified community among CHS students.

“Homecoming (and events like Homecoming) are  for all the students of Carmel High school; If you are undecided I say give it a try,” Birhiray said. “Homecoming is a chance for upper and lower classmen to marvel in the great experience.”

According to senior Kendall Fahey, the PTO is an integral part of CHS. The organization provides a system for not only students, but the greater community to become involved in the countless amount of activities at CHS, Fahey said.

   “I think that the PTO is a great support system for teachers and parents, so parents have a voice outside for their students,” Fahey said. It is a way for the community to get involved in CHS as well.”

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