PTO to meet Nov. 7

Bethlehem Daniel, Reporter

The PTO is scheduled to have its next Nov. 7 at 9 a.m. in the community room.  As the PTO just finished the planning process for the Homecoming dance a couple of weeks prior, the current focus of the organization is on the backpack program, green team outreach, the Scholastic Banquet and Gradfest. According to Homecoming chair Donna Birhiray who has planned this event for the past four years, the dance has been in the planning phase since July.

“Homecoming is for all the students at CHS,” Birhiray said via email. “Homecoming is a chance for upper and lower classmen to marvel in the great experience.”
According to junior Catherine Yuan, who was in the top 3 percent, it is an honor to be invited to the Scholastic Banquet and she is thankful for the work the PTO puts into planning for this event.
“I felt proud for getting top three percent. The banquet is super nice and it is nice that the PTO takes time to plan it and set it together,” Yuan said. “What is nice about the banquet too is that a lot of the people that were there (at the banquet) don’t just study all day, they do (other activities) like sports.”