Environmental Action Club Makes Plans to Start off New School Year


Laasya Mamidipalli

Kian Robinson, club member and junior, prepares for the Environmental Action Club call out meeting.

Laasya Mamidipalli

Ben Ring, Environmental Action club officer and junior, says, “The call out meeting is after school on Sept. 10 in room B207, and the club typically meets the second Monday of every month.”

Ring says, “At the call out meeting we mainly want to talk about what’s going on locally. We want to introduce the club to, for instance, the different groups in Carmel that work for the environment and share those initiatives, like the Carmel Green Initiative. Then we would like to go over a current listing of happenings currently going on in the community that we could get involved with as a group or individually.”

The club officers are taking steps like that of finding events to participate in, to bring in more students with varying interests related to the environment.

“We are going to try and do a lot more awareness in the club. Last year not many people knew about the club, so this year we want more people to get involved,” Kian Robinson, club member and junior, says.

Ring says, “We need to get more people active. We had a good turnout at the beginning on the year, but less continued to go as the year went on. If we were more engaged and involved in the local community, then we can have better retention.”

Robinson says that the club attracts a variety of people, specifically “anybody interested in trying to help fix what we created a long time ago, that being climate change and global warming. There are so many things going on that need to be discussed.”

Robinson says, “I am looking forward primarily to seeing all the new faces that we can bring into the club to bring awareness to the environment, climate change, animal rights and whatever else is brought up at the meetings.”

“Schools are one of the largest consumers of a lot of products such as paper and plastic, especially since Carmel High School is so large we should be trying our best to curb our environmental impacts while we still can,” Robinson says.

Club sponsor Kara House says the officers have begun preparing for the club this year, and she looks forward to helping the students find new projects to follow.