Ambassadors starts the busy year


Kyle Barker explains what the Ambassadors will be working on for the beginning of the year. Barker discussed the upcoming fall concert and a choral conference they will be attending.

Emily Carlisle

Ambassadors, CHS’s top mixed competitive show choir began preparing for the year ahead during the summer when they went to a camp called Kirkwood in Wilmington, Ohio for their annual retreat. At Kirkwood, they learned two choreographed numbers and began working on a ballad for the fall concert.

Jack Ducat, a sophomore in Ambassadors, said that the retreat was not all work with no play.

Ducat said via email, “We also did a ton of team bonding activities and had a ton of fun playing at the lake and doing scavenger hunts.”

Although the students in Ambassadors got to play a little during the retreat, they are officially on the hard work schedule that comes with being in a competitive show choir.

Kyle Barker, associate choral director and lead director of Ambassadors said, “We are singing the national at the 9/11 volleyball game next week, we are singing at Homecoming also, and then we have our fall concert on Oct. 9 and our cabaret on Oct. 20. So my hope is by the end of the week we will at least have all of the notes and rhythms for that.” By Emily Carlisle