Choir Members Prepare for Fall Concert


Josie Cruzan

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns responds to emails before school in her office on Sept. 12. Kouns said ¨Things are chugging along like usual, and the groups are pretty much where they should be in terms of progress.”

Josie Cruzan

The fall choir concert is on Oct. 9, and students and teachers are currently preparing. The concert will be primarily comprised of the choirs standing and singing rather than full show choir performances.

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns said, ¨Preparing for the fall concert is always a little bit different than preparing for other concerts because we lose some of our preparation time just in like the regular start of the school year to-dos. You know, paperwork, and information, as well as fitting for costumes and all sorts of stuff like that that just has to get done.¨

Kouns also said that, unlike other concerts such as Holiday Spectacular, the fall concert is has a wide variety of songs and performances. Many of the students are taking extra steps to prepare.

Marissa Cheslock, Rhapsody member and sophomore, said ¨I, as well as many others, take voice lessons outside of school to work on vocal technique in addition to what we do in class, and we also practice our choreography at home so that we have more time to clean and perfect it in class.¨

Kouns and the other two choir directors, Kyle Barker and Sam Chenoweth, are organizing the behind the scenes aspects of the concert.

Kouns said, ¨Everybody is getting their own ensembles ready, and Mr. Chenoweth is working with the band to make sure that our accompaniment is going well. I’m busy prepping the program and getting everything ready for the written part that gets handed out. Mr. Barker is helping to oversee things with parent volunteers. We also have ticket sales and concessions and you know all those things that go on in the lobby to think about too. We’re going to be working with the tech department about lighting and sound and all that as well.¨