School Resource Officers (SROs) assembles a student committee to discuss student safety


Senior Joseph “Joey” Heerens looks out at CHS. Heerens expressed concerns that the school building is too large in order to properly enforce the current safety measures.

Alanna Wu

School Resource Officers (SROs) plan to assemble and meet with a committee of CHS students in order to discuss ways to improve school safety.

Donald “DJ” Schoeff, head of the committee and SRO, said this committee is designed get valuable input about school safety directly from students themselves.

“We know is that you all as students — obviously the biggest stakeholder in student safety, thus ‘student’ safety — need to add value, need to have input,” Schoeff said. “So, we’ll have collected a few different students who have expressed some interest in student safety, and we’ll meet on an occasional basis and see what they’d like to be changed, what we’re doing good, all of those things.”

Senior Joseph “Joey” Heerens said he is interested in contributing to the committee, as he has many concerns regarding school safety.

“In my opinion, the school gives rise to many safety problems. I would say most result from the size and it’s hard to fix since it’s very easy to bring in harmful materials. Don’t get me wrong, the safety measures we have up can stop an attack very quickly and definitely inhibit some but I still don’t feel safe since it can be very easy,” Heerens said.