School Resource Officers (SROs) to have new police office at CHS

Hari Patel

September 3, 2019

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan for the transition to having a new police office at door 21, according to SRO Shane VanNatter. “At the natatorium entrance, there will be a police officer stationed right there at the circle, and they are building that office right now,” VanNatter said. Acco...

School resource officers schedule another lockdown drill before end of semester

School Resource officer Scott Moore reads over the testimonies and documents of the trial of the shooter at Noblesville West Middle School. Moore said he hopes to learn from the recent shooting and apply that information to the upcoming lockdown drill.

Alanna Wu

November 10, 2018

School resource officers (SROs) at CHS are organizing another lockdown drill before the end of the semester. For this particular drill, officers plan to implement more discussion about possible scenarios with a shooter and the appropriate actions to take. SRO Scott Moore said the goal of these lockdo...

School Resource Officers (SROs) assembles a student committee to discuss student safety

Senior Joseph “Joey” Heerens looks out at CHS. Heerens expressed concerns that the school building is too large in order to properly enforce the current safety measures.

Alanna Wu

October 17, 2018

School Resource Officers (SROs) plan to assemble and meet with a committee of CHS students in order to discuss ways to improve school safety. Donald “DJ” Schoeff, head of the committee and SRO, said this committee is designed get valuable input about school safety directly from students themselves. ...

School Resource Officers work to restrict access to open doors before, after school

School Resource Officer (SRO) Scott Moore reviews an email sent to all SROs at CHS regarding restricted access to CHS entrances in the morning. Moore said these measures are important because they will improve school safety both during and after school hours.

Alanna Wu

September 4, 2018

School Resource Officers (SROs) are working to implement new safety measures at CHS by restricting the number of doors open both before and after school. Starting Sept. 4, students and staff can only enter the school through Doors 1, 4, 7 , 9, 13, 21, 22 and 29. SROs will open these doors at 7 a.m. ea...

To Serve and Protect: CHS students, staff reflect on police shortage nationwide

VanNatter pulls out his phone to take a picture of the bicycle after master patrol officer Mike Pitman finished his bicycle demonstration. VanNatter said all bicycles, including police bicycles, should have a bell to alert cars of the bicycle’s presence and keep bicycle riders safe from car collisions especially on dark-lit streets.

Richa Louis

May 18, 2018

Within the last year, the law enforcement community has faced a nationwide police shortage. In Indiana, instructors at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy said it’s likely law enforcement departments across the state will need more than 100 additional people combined. Some of that shortage may be a...

A Chief Change

Chief Jim Barlow greets senior Tyler Bickel in front of the Carmel Police Department's Mobile Unit. Barlow said he looks forward to working with both Carmel police and the community as chief.

Sabrina Mi, News Reporter

May 18, 2017

On June 1, assistant chief Jim Barlow will become the next police chief of the Carmel Police Department. Although it will be challenging to fill the shoes of retiring chief Tim Green, Barlow said he is looking forward to this new role. “We’ve got one of the best departments in the state and we work in a c...

One Tragedy, Many Victims. The Peter Liang verdict further exposes racial bias in the law enforcement system.

One Tragedy, Many Victims. The Peter Liang verdict further exposes  racial bias in the law enforcement system.


March 18, 2016

Picture yourself just getting out of the police academy and instead of getting sent to a city like Carmel, you get sent to a public-housing project in Detroit, Memphis, Tenn. or Oakland, Calif., cities with some of the highest violent crime rates in the United States. If that were me, without a doubt,...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Racial inequality is not as prevalent in law enforcement incidents as people may think.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Racial inequality is not as prevalent in law enforcement incidents as people may think.


October 9, 2015

I am responding to the article you wrote in the HiLite school magazine. I started my police career in 1984 as an Indiana State Trooper assigned to Hamilton County. I left the State Police in 1990 when I joined the Carmel Police Department. I was the first black officer Carmel hired on the Police Department....

CHS students reevaluate generalizations of police

CHS students reevaluate generalizations of police


January 22, 2015

Like any kid his age, sophomore Zach Miller has spent a fair amount of time in cars. However, the cars Miller has ridden in are a big different from the ones most people remember from their childhood. As the son of Sergeant Adam Miller, a police officer under the Carmel Police Department, Miller has had exper...

Fighting Hypocrisy. Blame the individual, not the entire organization.

Fighting Hypocrisy. Blame the individual, not the entire organization.


January 22, 2015

In light of recent events such as the Michael Brown case in Ferguson which a police officer shot an African-American teenager eight times and the Eric Garner case in New York which a white police officer was accused of strangling a young African-American man to death, tensions aimed at police officers ar...

Carmel police investigating allegations of “inappropriate digital images” at Carmel High School

Carmel police investigating allegations of


May 23, 2014

According to a police statement released by Lt. Joe Bickel, Carmel Police Department spokesperson, an investigation is underway after the Department received a report of "inappropriate digital images" on Carmel students' electronic devices. In the statement, Bickel said that "the Carmel Clay Schools...

After recent death of Carmel graduate from alcohol poisoning, awareness of new medical amnesty law grows


September 19, 2012

Senior Steve Abbenhaus, childhood friend and soccer teammate of Brett Finbloom '12, said he was completely taken aback when he found out Finbloom was hospitalized on Aug. 2. “I felt awful, and I just went right to the hospital and saw him on life support," Abbenhaus said. A few days later, the...