School resource officers schedule another lockdown drill before end of semester


School Resource officer Scott Moore reads over the testimonies and documents of the trial of the shooter at Noblesville West Middle School. Moore said he hopes to learn from the recent shooting and apply that information to the upcoming lockdown drill.

Alanna Wu

School resource officers (SROs) at CHS are organizing another lockdown drill before the end of the semester. For this particular drill, officers plan to implement more discussion about possible scenarios with a shooter and the appropriate actions to take.

SRO Scott Moore said the goal of these lockdown drills is to establish an instinct students and staff can fall back upon in the instance that an intruder does enter the school.

“I know we’ve had a lockdown drill recently, and we’re going to be having another one soon, but we’re trying to get (the procedure) ingrained in everybody’s mind. If something does happen, then we know what to do automatically instead of having to think,” Moore said.

Senior Victoria “Tori” Moss said she has a newfound appreciation for lockdown drills in light of the recent shooting at Noblesville West Middle School.

“Before, it was easy to think a lot of what we did (in lockdowns) was common sense, but then it happens in your own backyard and you have to respect that they’re doing everything they can to prepare you,” Moss said.