Cabinet balances Garage Sale, Smoothie Smashdown, 100-day challenge, Dance Marathon


House members meet in the freshmen cafeteria during SRT. According to Wolff, the only House meeting in November will be Wednesday Nov. 14 and Friday Nov. 16.

Christina Yang

According to speaker of the House Neil Walker Simmons, Cabinet’s most upcoming event will be Garage Sale, taking place in the main cafeteria on Nov. 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Nov. 18 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. He said Garage Sale is a large community event, benefiting Riley Children’s Hospital.

“We’re pretty much taking items, so if anyone has any items that (they) want to drop off, we’ll take them up until (Nov. 15),” Simmons said. “(They) can drop items off in (Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff’s) room, C123, by Door 11 up until 6:30 p.m. after school.”

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said Garage Sale is a very time-consuming event due to the lack of storage, so Cabinet members have to set up the night before and sell everything in a 72-hour period.

“It’s probably one of our most unpredictable events. One year, we sold a car, and some years, we just have a whole cafeteria full of one-dollar items, and we don’t get it in until literally days before because we don’t have places to store it. You’re getting the stuff and organizing it, and in some cases, you’re trying to clean (the items),” Wolff said.

Despite all of the challenges, Wolff said she particularly enjoys this event not only because Cabinet reaches out to other communities beyond Carmel but also due to the amount of revenue the event generates for charity compared to the amount of expenses.

Two weeks after the Garage Sale, on Dec. 1, students may attend the holiday-themed Smoothie Smashdown in the Freshman Cafeteria from 2 to 4 p.m. when participants will taste various smoothie recipes. Wolff said due to the decreasing trend of participation throughout the years, they moved this event to Dec. 1 instead of the original Dec. 15 date.

“Smoothie Smashdown started years ago by a student (who) was calling it a ‘chill session before finals,’ and so it was always, traditionally, the week before finals, and I think sometimes we get into things like, ‘This is always the way we’ve done it, so we’re gonna do it that way,’ and that’s not how you grow,” Wolff said. “A lot of students were like, ‘That’s the weekend before finals; I’m going through  a really stressful week. Do I really want to take a two-hour break from that? And if I’m doing a team, I’m going to have to go buy the ingredients and come up with a (smoothie).’ We listened to student feedback. We try to do that a lot in House, and so we moved the event forward.”

Still, Simmons said it is a very fun event.

“It’s something unique we do right before finals to get people more relaxed. People do weird things. Someone blended up Taco Bell last year, (and) then someone (else) made this really amazing smoothie,” Simmons said.