DECA members to compete at district competition on Jan 12


Sophomore Zoha Aziz takes a practice roleplay in SRT to prepare for the upcoming district-level competition on Jan. 12 at CHS. She said, "For roleplays, practicing over and over again is the best way to prepare for competitions."

Natalie Khamis

On Jan. 12, DECA members signed up in a roleplay cluster will compete at the district-level competition at CHS — the first competition of the season. Students will perform their roleplays in classrooms located in the business and English departments.

Laura Cardamon, DECA co-sponsor and business teacher, said she has taken time in her classes to watch and analyze examples of roleplays in order to prepare her students. Along with utilizing Competition University, a software adopted by DECA this year to prepare students for roleplays and district exams, Cardamon said she anticipates strong results.

“Competition University has helped a lot of kids prepare for their exams and has given kids practice roleplays to practice before the competition,” Cardamon said. “We’re hoping to see better results and we’re really excited.”

Loraine Lee, chief of roleplays and senior, said students competing in a roleplay have come in during SRT to work with roleplay heads in order to practice for the upcoming competition.

“My roleplay heads have been working with the roleplay kids during SRT, some of them even during or after school,” Lee said. “But of course, it’s on (a student’s) own term to come in to get help and put in effort in order to do well.” By Natalie Khamis