Implementation of new software, tools in business classrooms to help DECA members practice for upcoming competition


Senior Loraine Lee discusses potential roleplay categories with another DECA member. She said that she wants to help members find a roleplay that interests them because it will help motivate them to practice and do well.

Natalie Khamis

DECA members will use resources provided by the business department to practice for their events at the upcoming district competition scheduled for Jan. 12.

Laura Cardamon, DECA co-sponsor and business teacher, said DECA has started to introduce a new software called “Competition University” to students. According to Cardamon, the software is designed to expose students to a variety of practice tools to help prepare them for the competition season.

“Students are going in (the software) and researching, getting a lot more information on role plays for their event, and taking practice exams,” Cardamon said. “The more practice that students are exposed to, the more confident students will feel when they are doing the actual event.”

Nishita Prasad, DECA sophomore class officer, said in the past, she has found the resources provided by DECA helpful for preparing for her roleplays.

“These resources that DECA provides for us are very helpful in that it will prepare everyone for the district competition,” Prasad said. “It gives me a chance to practice with people who know what they are talking about as well as gives me a feel for what the competition will look like.” By Natalie Khamis