Science department focuses on processing

Nathan Huang

The science department is currently discussing science and engineering processing standards, a way to replicate procedures that real-life scientists can actually take. This was the main focus of it’s last department chair meeting, and a major topic and influence on students.

According to science department chair Jennifer Drudge, students need to learn this so that they can learn and do things themselves, rather than getting handed the instructions.

“Science & engineering processing standards consists of student interaction, such as making inferences from data, taking information from data, and creating labs, and mainly doing things that scientists are actually doing. For example, students normally might be given labs that tell them what they have to do step-by-step, but what we want for them is to piece it together, so that they can do it themselves and learn from it.” Drudge said.

Freshman Michael Andres said that the interaction and hands-on experience makes a difference in his education.

“You don’t notice it at first, but when I have to connect and try on a lab or in-class activity, it really makes the difference.” Andres said.

Drudge says that the science department is trying to make students develop a love for science that will last long after they finish their schooling.

“The biggest thing we are trying to do is engage all students with content the way that all scientists engage with content.” Drudge said.