Physical education department requires uniforms


Students in Carmel High School’s physical education classes have already been wearing uniforms for 15 years.

This decision came from teachers back in 1994, when the freshmen came to the high school. Uniforms were implemented to keep the discipline in the classes. “Studies have shown that students in uniforms just do better in general,” Kim TenBrink, physical education department chairperson, said. “Before we had the uniforms, it just wasn’t a good situation during classes. Uniforms make it easier. Everyone looks the same, and this has helped with discipline issues and dress code violations,” TenBrink said.

However, some people said that they don’t like the uniforms. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. Students should be allowed to wear anything they want as long as they have something to change into when they are done,” sophomore A.J. Paluszny said.

Previously, the uniforms for the physical education classes were grey shirts and blue basketball shorts. “We used to have gray shirts but the middle schools also had gray. We had to change our uniforms, so now we have white shirts,” TenBrink said.

Another portion of the dress code for the physical education department states that no necklaces, bracelets or watches are allowed during class. “Jewelry is dangerous to have during class, especially with activities involving a ball,” TenBrink said.

“Wearing jewelry is dangerous because when you’re playing football or another physical sport, since jewelry could get lost or ripped out,” Paluszny said.

Students lose participation points if they fail to wear the required uniform. By Chris Li <[email protected]>