Media center to host Global War on Terror event, changes lamination policies


Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, works on her laptop during a free period. "The media center has just been crazy these past few weeks—there has been so much going on."

Karen Zhang

According to Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, the media center will be closed on Sept. 10 during SRT for the Global War on Terror Symposium.

“It’s a partnership with Will Ellery and he has gotten over 30 veterans to talk about their experiences. They’ll be scattered across the media center and kids will be able to listen and ask questions,” Ramos said.

The media center will also host an event in partnership with CHTV and WHJE. Alumni from these programs who have gone into their respective fields will talk to students about their experiences and current students will give tours of the studios.

Senior Melina Palakal said she appreciates all the media center does.

“Our media center is so big and has so many resources and it’s easy to forget we have it. It’s a great place to really come and do whatever—to study, hang out with friends.”

Ramos said one big change in the media center this year is regarding lamination policies.

Ramos said, “We’ve changed the lamination policy in an effort to reduce the effect we have on the environment. Paper can decompose relatively quickly, but plastic is just here forever.”

Ramos said the new policy includes teachers filling out a form and the media center specialists will run through all requests at one time on one day of the week.

“It’s really all about raising awareness,” Ramos said. “We want kids to start asking themselves, ‘Do I really need to do this?’”