Democrats Club to focus on local campaigns in coming months


Club members pose for a picture after the first meeting of the year on Sept. 11. According to Zoe Koniaris, senior and club president, the club has been working hard in preparation for the upcoming elections.

Michelle Lu

The Democrats club is preparing to work on local campaigns prior to city council elections until Nov. 5. According to Zoe Koniaris, club president and senior, city council campaigns allow smaller clubs a chance to make an impact.

“We’re working with a few different local campaigns for city council, such as with William Howard and Miles Nelson, where we walk around districts canvassing (door knocking) to talk to potential voters,” Koniaris said.

Kian Robinson, club vice president and senior, added that during the next meeting, the club will discuss topics that are directly related to both local elections and the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“While not set in stone, the focus of our next meeting will likely entail…the primaries/debates, having a discussion on a particular political topic (and) calling legislators in regards to a particular topic or issue,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, drawing more people into issues and topics like these encourages more awareness about Democrat presence even in red states like Indiana.

“Spreading awareness of various issues, educating one another on our viewpoints, and letting legislators know our opinions on issues are all things that are mandatory for a democracy to function,” Robinson said.