Democrats Club to focus on local campaigns in coming months

Club members pose for a picture after the first meeting of the year on Sept. 11. According to Zoe Koniaris, senior and club president, the club has been working hard in preparation for the upcoming elections.

Michelle Lu

October 3, 2019

The Democrats club is preparing to work on local campaigns prior to city council elections until Nov. 5. According to Zoe Koniaris, club president and senior, city council campaigns allow smaller clubs a chance to make an impact. “We’re working with a few different local campaigns for city council, such ...

Democrats Club to host call-out meeting, distribute voting information to senior class

Club member and junior Chloe Wareham operates the Democrat’s Club during the Freshman Activites Fair on Aug. 26. According to Zoe Koniaris, a major goal of Democrats Club is educating people in and outside of the club about civics.

Michelle Lu

September 11, 2019

After a summer of activism, the Democrats Club is set to host a call-out meeting in the coming weeks. According to Zoe Koniaris, club president and senior, the primary goal the club has this year is to get students involved in the voting process prior to election season. “One big project this year is ...

As interest in space initiatives increases, CHS determines impact of astronomy education

As interest in space initiatives increases, CHS determines impact of astronomy education

James Yin

May 23, 2019

On April 11 of this year, a group of researchers working for the Event Horizon Telescope released the first-ever photo of a black hole, a celestial object from the Messier 87 galaxy. In October, scientists at the University of Bern in Switzerland plan to launch the Characterising Exoplanets Satellite...

Young Democrats Club, Young Republicans Club work together to get hate crime bill passed in Indiana

Members of the Young Democrats Club discuss antiwar and anarchist views at a meeting with a Vietnam War veteran. Zoe Koniaris, Young Democrats Club president and junior, said she believes political activism is important before you can vote.

Lillian He

January 24, 2019

Members of both the young Democrats and Young Republicans Clubs hope to change the fact that Indiana does not have hate crime legislation. According to Chris Elmore, president of Young Republicans Club and sophomore, and James Ziegler, Young Democrats Club sponsor and history teacher, the clubs are planning...

The Future Is Female

Zoe Koniaris (third from right), CHS Action Together Club co-president and sophomore, participates in the Jan. 21 Women’s March.

Da-Hyun Hong and Riya Chinni

February 23, 2018

Bryn Walker, vice president of CHS Democrats Club and senior, said she strongly believes in equality for all; however, although she said she thinks society has made progress in addressing discrimination, she said there is still a lot more to be resolved in terms of tangible results. “I think (re...