Democrats Club to host call-out meeting, distribute voting information to senior class


Club member and junior Chloe Wareham operates the Democrat’s Club during the Freshman Activites Fair on Aug. 26. According to Zoe Koniaris, a major goal of Democrats Club is educating people in and outside of the club about civics.

Michelle Lu

After a summer of activism, the Democrats Club is set to host a call-out meeting in the coming weeks. According to Zoe Koniaris, club president and senior, the primary goal the club has this year is to get students involved in the voting process prior to election season.
“One big project this year is going to be a voting seminar!” Koniaris said via email. “We’re going to educate as many students as possible about how to get registered, how absentee ballots work, where to vote, etc.”
Kian Robinson, club vice president and senior, added that during the callout meeting, students will create postcards for the survivors of the El Paso shooting.
“So many people are affected by the mass shootings…we all have a duty to help the community involved recover as best as possible,” Robinson said.
In addition to these events, Democrats is also planning to spread knowledge about voting to more students who are and will be eligible in the 2019 election season.
“We will first try to attempt to get out a lot of information regarding voter registration, early voting and absentee ballots for everyone who will be able to vote in the 2019 municipal elections,” Robinson said.
He added that their efforts are important due to the low turnout of younger voters. “If we want to help people build good voting habits as well as get them to support the candidates they like, we have to get the information out as early as possible.”