CRU to host first event of the year See You At The Pole on Sept. 25

Kruti Subbannavar

CRU Club’s first event, See You At The Pole is on Sept. 25, at 7 a.m. at the flagpole. According to CRU Club’s new Team Leader for Carmel Carolyn Wiley-Thomas, all the Christian clubs in the school such as the FCA, Young Alliance, Anchors Away and people from different churches will gather at the flagpole to pray. Snacks will be provided afterward. This event is open to everyone, and all are encouraged to join.

Leadership Committee Member Tally Sietz said that this year, their focus was on praying for friends, family, school and community. Sietz said that she was excited to be involved in the event. “It’s just a time to gather everyone that has like views, and just unite all in prayer to bring God’s attention on our school,” she said.

Wiley-Thomas encouraged everyone to come and be a part of the event. “ It’ll be really great for everyone to come and pray together, and the community of that, of being like, hey you could be from this church, and that church and this church, and this church and all different clubs, but you’ve come together as one unit to talk to God about your school,” she said.

Jennifer Bubp, the teacher sponsor of CRU Club said that all club-related decisions are taken by Wiley-Thomas. By Kruti Subbannavar