National French Honors Society to start events soon


Club official Vivian Zheng is excited to begin events and planning. She said, “it’s going to be a good year.”

Riley Laferriere

This year, French club has blended into French Honors Society and is soon to be a “national chapter” of the French Honors Society clubs throughout America. They held their call out meeting on Sept. 9 to discuss the basic information and $10 dues, but have not officially set any event dates yet.

Madam Yocum, 12-year sponsor of the club, is excited for this year and the new faces in the program. “I think it’s really interesting to see how the students change in their French, and in their leadership styles, and just in their personalities,” she said.

Yocum also said they plan on participating in mainly social events, competitions, and their IU honors study abroad.

Club official and senior Vivian Zheng is also happy to start this club year. She said they are planning on doing their Haiti project at the end of semester one or the beginning of semester two. Zheng said, “French honors society is a great way to let people who are in French go beyond their class time.” By Riley Laferriere