AVID students practice college-readiness skills


AVID students talk and work during SRT. According to Jamie Newcomer, AVID coordinator and teacher, AVID helps students prepare for college in many ways.

Marvin Fan

According to AVID coordinator Jamie Newcomer, a large part of the AVID course is teaching students college-readiness skills. She said that this year, there will be a small change to the note-taking approach in the class.

Newcomer said, “We used to really encourage students to take Cornell Notes. Now, we realized that Cornell Notes don’t work for everyone. Sometimes taking different kinds of notes is better. So we teach them how we can be more productive and make it a better and easier and more useful way of doing it than a way we always have.”

Charlie Thomas, AVID student and junior, said AVID has taught him a lot of different skills for high school and college.

“We practiced having a neat binder, so that’s helped me stay organized throughout my high school career,” Thomas said.